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Archive Converter                            
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Archive Converter

The Archive Converter can be reached through the Main Archive - Converter menu item or the File - Convert Archive menu item in Archive Manager.  In essence, this utility will convert an archive of one type into another. For instance, it allows you to convert a .zip archive into a .tar archive.



In Archive File - If you have an archive open in Archive Manager and select the Convert Archive options - the open archive will automatically be selected as the In Archive File - or the file to be converted. You may use the "!" button to launch the Open/Save dialog box to choose any other archive file on your system.

Out Archive File - This is where you designate the path and file name for the new converted file. Again, you may use the "!" button to select this path/name.

Out Archive Type - This selects the file type for the newly converted file. The Out Archive File extension will be automatically matched to the file type selected.

Out Archive Method - The default is Create New which will create a new file while leaving the original file intact. The Add files option is used to add the files of an existing archive into an already existing archive of a different type.

Date Attribute - Dictates what File date will be applied to the files when they are converted.

Integrity Check - Will double check each file after the conversion to insure there was no corruption.


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